About The Artist


She was born in Corfu island, Greece. After finishing High-School she studied advertising and story board creation at Doxiadis' School and took part in group exhibitions in various art galleries in Athens. For a year she took courses in religious art painting at the Belgrade School of Byzantine Art.

In 1982 she began her studies in the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Alongside her studies she started working at a fashion company in the creative department as story board creator.
She has participated in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, and organized personal exhibitions in Corfu.

Tota Sarakinou was engaged in the artistic technique of collage from the early 90's. She is fond of using pastel colors on surfaces assembled by newspapers' parts. The majority of her art work focuses on portraits through which the artist is attempting to convey political messages and to express her resentment against the torments of every-day life linked to the current socio-economic crisis. These series of artistic assemblies, these collages, demonstrate a cry for freedom; a need to break the bondages set by the political elite. It is entirely dedicated to the youth.

Also, there are oil paintings in canvas which depict landscapes of symbolic context, as well as religious art paintings of prominent holy figures.